Catch Basin Cleaning

Catch Basin Cleaning is the removal and disposal of decaying debris from a catch basin or manhole and replacing the oil - absorbent pad as required. Catch basins must be cleaned 1-4 times per year in order to maintain their ability to trap debris as well as prevent flooding. For this service we use a truck with a Stetco Mechanical System and orange peel 15 diameter bucket, which removes and average of a yard of material per basin. This system cleans a basin within 3 of the bottom and takes out all of the solid debris. A standard basin is 2 x 2 square cover. It must have at least an 11-12 foot clearance beside each basin to be cleaned in order to accommodate the truck. In certain cases, such as clogged drain pipes or basins that have been poorly maintained, the use of a Vactor Truck is necessary to fully clean out the basin and the connecting drain pipes. We offer this service from March through November. This service can be scheduled as needed or on an annual or semi annual basis.

Pothole Patching

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Snow Removal

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MHD Contract Work:

Highway Maintenance

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Catch Basin Cleaning

Disposal and removal of drainage structure sediments and drainage pipe sediments


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